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Plant-Based Meal Planning

STREAMLINED: Broaden your imagination and invigorate your palate with thoughtfully sourced ingredients from your favorite grocery store. Incorporate DIY plant-based meals into your budget and lifestyle. Master the intuitive elements inherent in vegan-food planning, sourcing, shopping, prepping, cooking, and storage, as well as kitchen and pantry staging. Aspiring plant-based batch-cooks and epicures alike, EcoCulinary is available to help guide your transformation, saving you time and money along the entire journey.

SELF-SUFFICIENT: Creating and cultivating a culinary garden is an excellent approach to adopting a plant-based lifestyle. EcoCulinary can assist you in developing a garden plan (or pot) to suit your time, resources and interest.

Plant-Based Education

SIMPLE: A whole-food plant based diet will optimize your health, help you attain and maintain your right-sized body, and can safely meet your nutrient needs, no matter your age or condition. The elements to success are simple but slightly different for everyone. EcoCulinary will illuminate the most effective and efficient strategies for you or your group.

SUSTAINABLE: Our daily food choices affect not just our physical, emotional, and mental health but the health of the planet. Choosing a whole-food vegan diet enables you to participate in safeguarding the environment three times a day, plus every time you shop for food, eat out, or cook for others. By abandoning the animal-food production complex, whole-food vegan cooking allows you to reclaim your dietary-health autonomy while inviting you to transcend limiting views about yourself, your sustenance, and the ecosystems that support both.

SUPPORTIVE: Dietary changes cannot be forced but can be encouraged. Compassionate support in the form of personalized education will inform and embolden your intention to thrive on plant-based nourishment. EcoCulinary is equipped to educate individuals and groups—using client-specific context and relevant, up-to-date resources—to facilitate a plant-based diet that's infinitely rewarding and sensible for you.

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