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Vegan Meals: Individual & Group

Embody eco-culinary consciousness and personal vitality with customized vegan meals to suit your budget. Broaden your imagination and invigorate your palate. Gain health and insight with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and creatively planned meals. Our carefully crafted vegan menus can be tailored to accommodate individual medical needs, food sensitivities and taste preferences.

Vegan Meal Planning

Incorporate DIY vegan meals into your budget and lifestyle. Master the intuitive elements inherent in vegan-food planning, sourcing, shopping, preparation, execution, and storage, as well as kitchen and pantry staging. Transform yourself into a triumphant batch-cooker or vegan epicure—or both!


Cultivating a culinary garden is a direct approach to learning—and loving—vegan cookery (and need not be laborious). EcoCulinary will help you develop a garden plan to suit your available space and time, as well as interest.

Vegan Education

A whole-food vegan diet can safely meet your nutrient needs, help you attain and maintain your right-sized body, and improve or optimize your health, no matter your age or condition. The key elements to success are easy to learn and simple to apply but different for everyone. EcoCulinary will illuminate the most effective and efficient strategies for you or your group.

Our daily food choices affect not just our physical, emotional, and mental health but the health of the planet; when we reject animal-based foods, we help safeguard the environment. By abandoning the environmentally destructive animal-food production complex, whole-food vegan cookery invites us to reclaim our dietary-health autonomy and challenges us to transcend limiting views—about ourselves, our sustenance, and the ecosystems that support both.

Intention Is the Critical Ingredient: Veganism is a decision that cannot be forced on others but can be encouraged. Support in the form of personalized education is indispensable. EcoCulinary will provide context, examples, and practical guidance to help you launch or reinvigorate a lasting and rewarding plant-based diet. 

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